Shopping online for jewelry provides a great deal of convenience and easeas you can buy unique and attractive pieces of jewelry at the most competitive prices. If you are new to online shopping, then the B2B jewelry sites and suppliers could be the treasure trove you need. These popular jewelry suppliers offer fashionable, stylish jewelry pieces at affordable pricing.

Following are the best B2B jewelry sites and suppliers:

Etsy is one of the most popular destinations for vintage and handmade jewelry of all types. Without it, no good jewelry search would be complete. While they sell wide variety of products, they have an entire category for jewelry alone that contains vast array of stylish and antique products e.g. poison ring. You can use various filters provided on the site to narrow down your search. Be sure to search within your desired price range to find a unique, affordable piece.

Baublebar is another popular B2B jewelry supplier that prides itself on offering stylish fashionable jewelry at attractive prices. A huge selection of affordable and diverse inventory is continually updated on the site, making it an excellent find for expanding your jewelry collection. While most of the jewelry pieces you find on Baublebar don’t use the real stones, their quality is surely remarkable. There is a dedicated section on the site where the best picks are featured from time to time. Apart from attractive monthly deals and a well-stocked sale section, there is also a wedding section that you can browse to find some dazzling pieces.

Chinese based supplier Alibaba is similar to Amazon and eBay. It provides access to retailors of every size and shape, hence giving you a wide variety of options. When searching for your wholesale B2B jewelry supplier, you can filter the results by supplier or by product. Since most of the sellers are from Asia, there may be language and cultural barriers in play. The reason Alibaba is recommended is due to its vast number of suppliers, a huge inventory collection, and shopping convenience.

The Welman Group
The Welman Group is a leading B2B jewelry supplier that has been in the business for over at least three decades. It is best known for its sliver and stainless-steel jewelry available in various styles, at amazing prices. The sterling silver product category is their largest. The product catalog boasts a wide range of ear cuffs, toe rings, poison ring, sliver rings, hoops, pendants, lockets, and more. They also sell costume jewelry as well as closeouts (antiqued brass and fashion jewelry). Their rings, especially poison ring, sliver ring, etc. are unique with the company.

ASU Jewelry
The final recommended B2B jewelry supplier is ASU Jewelry. It is a Chinese based company that started wholesaling jewelry but later expanded to sell clothing and sunglasses as well. Costume jewelry is a specialty of ASU Jewelry. Their specialty also extends to cute jewelry beads, brooches, and hairaccessories. There are tons of products available for sale and it can be overwhelming to browse through all the items. So, it is recommended that you filter by categories and price to quickly find what you are looking for.